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EazyWeb.me is built for Designers, Marketing agencies, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.
Create landing pages, corporate websites and customise your layout in few simple clicks

Eazyweb’s second main clients are you! who want to build a website/websites for your own about your blogs, promote your products or any sort of services that you might think they will benefit someone.

To use Eazyweb to develop a webiste, it’s simple!

Choose your template that you want to apply to your webpage


Pick up the template and send us the request. Our team will get back to you shortly to make your idea comes to reality!

Sample template – an E-commerce website

or any template you wants.

We are sorry! Eazyweb is a fee-base tool to build websites. 

At this stage, there is no fixed pricing plans, but it depends who you are:

  • Our strategic partners, or
  • Long-term customers;
  • New customer to Eazyweb

But, we make sure that we offer best solution to build a website with an affordable cost. 

To become our partner. Visit here

To discuss about your idea. Contact our team

Eazyweb offers to customer a tool to make a stunning website

Eazyweb integrate SEO tool that helps businesses promote their products to reach out more prospective customers

Get in touch now to discuss about your website!

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