Partnership Program

Go with Eazyweb, Go faster

For professionals and organisations who’d rather maintain ownership of the client relationship, you’ll work with Eazyweb to design the proper websites and solutions for your client. We will only interact with the client at your direction, and all pricing and design details pass through you. In this partnership, you decide how you’d like to present, propose, and price all engagements. You are Eazyweb’s direct client, and your client remains your own.

Why should you join us?

Stunning website - Fast, simple and responsive website building tool that fits to many purposes and business industries

Sustainable revenue - With Eazyweb, you can sustainably boost your revenue while offering professional websites and services to more clients

Professional customer service - Our well-trained and professional customer service team can handle all sort of requests and needs

Cost saving - Why do you have to pay full cost for a website? You will be benefited with our pricing as a strategic partner

Time saving - We can save more time that gives you a bunch of time to do what matter to you most

Excellent support - Our responsible and high-skilled technical team will support promptly

Who we're looking for

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Digital Marketing Agency

You are those who offer digital marketing services to clients that need websites to promote their products and services

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Online Shop

You are online shop owners who want to build your own websites to promote products and boost sales

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Consulting & traing organisation

Consulting and training organisations that need to create web page for training and conducting service online

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